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A NAME: A fabulous bookshop

“Psiche was eternally joined to Eros and when the time was ripe they gave birth to a daughter and named her Voluptuousness”...

The sensation that arises when one steps into the refined bookshop which was born from an encounter, just like in the fable of Apuleio:

A lightweight aerial architectural structure makes up the wings of a butterfly and seems able to challenge the laws of gravity, and to fly away just like the god Eros; But one’s trepid curiosity comes forward and is warmly embraced, as is Psyche, whenever we approach an unknown book.

The story and the Image: The Love and Psyche bookshop, inaugurated on 12 April 1992, is the result of an original architectural idea by Massimo Fagioli, and fits in well in a magic location in the centre of Rome on the fringes of the ancient insula Sapientiae

….”Four star-shaped catwalks……a long curved staircase which blends in well with the arch…..another staircase behind that to accentuate the longitudinal axis….a diagonal sign that measures the space of the entrance area”…...

Under the lines of an original drawing we discover the fusion of a modern proposal, in wood and crystal, with the centuries- old history contained within the seventeenth century walls and in the ancient ceiling in chestnut and oak. The slate flooring creates a dark vibration which highlights the geometric forms of the light coloured maple wood structure.

Having created this architectural image, a group of men and women from the Collective Analysis have taken on an intense cultural activity through a careful selection of books, presentation of authors proposed by the very readers, initiatives in the political, scientific and artistic arena that have received significant appraisal from the cultural world for its high level of innovation and research.

"Association= mathematics of togetherness where each person is everyone. Cultural= to speak about the loving equality among human beings."

The Love and Psyche Cultural Association was set up in 2007 with the aim of further developing the activities of the library, empowering its organizational capacities, and thereby widening its presence among the vast public and providing support to original research.

Encounters :” Love and Psyche” offers itself as a place for meetings and cultural initiatives to all those who love to calmly choose a good book, flick through it listening to music, perched comfortably on a sofa.

The challenge of “Love and Psyche” to provide a program which lives up to the grandness of its splendid architecture is particularly appreciated by passing tourists, lovers of good literature and by parents who are interested in the books for children.

Via S. Caterina da Siena, 61
00185 Rome, Italy

tel.: +39 06 6783908
fax: +39 06 6791580